Most people hit a Career Dead End at some point during their lives: graduating into a recession, an unexpected layoff, or starting a new job and realizing it’s not a fit. So, what do you do when this happens?

Odds are that at some point during your 40-50-year long career, you’ll hit a Career Dead-End at some point.

Have you hit a Career Dead-End in your life yet?
I’ve hit two so far.
Career Dead End #1: When I was a college junior, the Great Recession hit. Suddenly all of the attractive job offers at my college went away completely. Companies weren’t recruiting or hiring. Seniors’ job offers got rescinded. It freaked me out so much that I decided to apply to graduate school prematurely and get my MPA directly after college. That led me to get a graduate degree that I didn’t think through very carefully, which leads me to my Career Dead End #2…..
Career Dead End #2: Since I rushed into the whole grad school thing, I didn’t carefully vet whether or not I actually wanted to work in the public policy world. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. By the time I tried out an education policy internship at age 25, I realized I hated it….leading me to my “what the heck do I do now?” phase.
For you, your career dead-end might look different.
  • It might be an unexpected lay-off or pink slip.
  • It might be a toxic boss or leader who stinks up the culture at your workplace, making you miserable.
  • It might be realizing that the job you’ve been doing for the last 10 years, just isn’t cutting it anymore.
If the average career spans between 40-50 years, you’re bound to face a “Career Dead End” at some point.
On today’s episode, you’ll hear from Career Coach Andrea Macek, who talks about what she did when she got laid off from her job….30 days after getting married. Sheesh.
We talk about what to do when you hit the Career Dead-End, how to own your super-powers, and how Andrea has used courage and bravery to launch her own business through life’s curve-balls. 

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76. What To Do When You Hit A Career Dead End, with Andrea Macek

If the average career spans between 40-50 years, you’re bound to face a “Career Dead End” at some point. A Career Dead End can be so many things, like….

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