Do you have a phone interview coming up? Congrats! You are officially in an ACTIVE interview process. Tune into this episode to ROCK your phone screen!

So do you have a phone interview coming up? It’s time to get your head straight and ready to rock your interview.

When I was a talent recruiter, I would conduct anywhere from 10-30 phone interviews per week, depending on the time of year.
I got used to very quickly assessing whether or not a candidate would be a “fit” for our organization or the role. Let’s just say, I’ve seen it all. And, I want to make sure you’re maximizing EVERY SINGLE PHONE INTERVIEW that comes your way.
On this episode, I spill all of the tea regarding phone interviews. It truly is everything you need to know about phone interviews and the only training that you need to succeed at phone interviews.
I cover the following topics:
  • What the phone screen’s true purpose really is and is NOT….and not be caught off guard
  • How to prepare for high anxiety and adrenaline rushes before/during interviews
  • The type of energy you need to bring to phone interviews 
  • The type of questions you need to prepare for in advance and the “Rule of 3”
  • How to answer the inevitable “What’s your target salary?” question and not botch this and end up low-balled 
  • And so much more!

Listen To The Full Episode:

75. How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

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