FAANG or MAANG jobs refer to getting a job offer from Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix or Google. They are some of the most prestigious job offers out there!

Rome wasn’t built a day, and you won’t get a FAANG/MAANG job offer in a day or weeks, either.

On this episode, you’re going to hear from Rosita Reyes, and how she landed a huge FAANG/MAANG job offer by having a recruiter reach out to her on LinkedIn.
She couldn’t believe it was a real person. She thought it was a phishing exercise.
But no, it was real. A Meta recruiter had seen her profile, her certifications, work experiences, and decided she’d be the perfect fit for her open role.
This opportunity didn’t just land in Rosita’s lap.
Rosita’s hard work in crafting her career story and up-skilling herself to be ready for a big opportunity paid off.
She worked for it, through small actions, day in and day out, year in and year out.
She stayed ready.
By now, you probably know that I talk a lot about the Compound Effect.
The idea that small steps lead us to the biggest results in our lives.
We don’t climb huge mountains overnight or build massive walls in one day.
Amazing results are made up of tiny decisions and steps. And the path is never linear. There are losses and wins along the way.
Whenever I get frustrated with the slow pace of change, my husband lovingly reminds me of my own advice, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
And, I truly do believe that. Any program that guarantees you any incredible result, seemingly over-night or even “within 6 weeks” is not trustworthy.

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74. How I Got A FAANG/MAANG Job Offer, with Rosita Reyes

Have you heard of “FAANG/MAANG” jobs? They stand for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google. When Facebook re-branded as “Meta” we got MAANG. Basically, these are the top big tech companies that people want to work for the most – often due to their competitive salaries, benefits, and perks.  On today’s episode, you’ll hear how Rosita Reyes got a recruiter note via her LinkedIn inbox, inviting her to consider a new role at Meta.

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