Have you ever NOT applied to prestigious jobs or schools because you thought you weren’t qualified? Have you written yourself off before even trying? Us, too.

Shoot your shot. Apply to jobs and schools that you don’t think you can get into. You’re probably wrong.

Today you get to meet one of my besties: Carol Guerrero.
Carol is a first-gen, Dominican-American mujer from Massachusetts. She went to Columbia Law school, and we were roommates in Miami when we did Teach for America together.
I’ve always looked up to Carol, despite being two years younger than me.
Similar to me, she didn’t get a blueprint for success handed down to her.
She had to figure it out by herself. And she’s been incredibly successful.
I love her so much that I asked her to marry my husband and I (and she did!)
I asked her to come on my podcast to share her own lessons learned and journey as she went through her first year of teaching and went on the grueling journey to apply to a top law school.
Even if you’re not interested in the law, her story offers us so many gems that you can apply to your own, big audacious goal.

Listen To The Full Episode:

73. My Journey To Columbia Law As A First-Gen Dominican Black Woman, with Carol Guerrero

Are you going after a BIG and AUDACIOUS career goal this year? Or, are you thinking about applying to grad school? Well, I have the perfect guest for you.  Carol Guerrero is one of my besties and a graduate of Columbia Law School.


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