We all hate waiting in long lines. So why in the world would you apply to jobs online for your career change? Applying to jobs online is the same thing as joining a long line that’s going nowhere fast.

Only apply to jobs online AFTER you get referred to that company or establish a connection with someone who works there.

Have you ever wanted to get into a certain restaurant or club, only to find that there’s an absurdly long line?
Begrudgingly, you get in line, and 30 minutes later, you’re still there.
In the same spot. No closer to yummy food or grooves.
We’ve all been there.
Well, here’s a job search truth bomb…
Applying to jobs online is like joining a very long line that isn’t moving.
Most people just wait in line.
They apply to as many jobs as possible, and then wait around. Crickets.
“Applying to jobs online” is a strategy that only works about 5% of the time.
And yet, 92% of the general population does this.
They fail to realize that, since recruiters are overwhelmed with a tsunami of digital apps on a daily basis, most of their applications will never be read or seen.
The night will end before getting into the club.
What you want to do instead, is finesse your way to the front of the line. Through relationships, people who you know, people who can say “aye, she’s with me”, and help you cut the line.
Those are called referrals, and you get them through networking & informational chats.
On today’s episode, I explain why this is the case, and how you can circumvent the long, long line.

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72. Why Applying To Jobs Online Is NOT A Job Search Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that I see job-seekers make is applying to as many online job postings as possible. This is a serious mistake, that can cost you a lot of wasted time, energy, and emotions.  I guarantee that most of those applications will never even be reviewed or seen.


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