My most successful clients understand their career pain source & level. This knowledge is a major clue to your next career move, and now you can know, too.

No point in changing careers if your career pain isn’t high enough. 

I’m not great about going to the doctor.
I hate going. I find that it’s a huge hassle.
I mean, sure, I’ll go on my annual exams. But, if I have an issue with something else, I try to wait as long as possible before going to the doctor. (I know, I’m stubborn).
Last May, I started to struggle with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I didn’t schedule an appointment with a podiatrist until September. LOL.
By the time I rolled up to the doctor, it was because the pain of my foot was GREATER THAN the pain of driving to the doctor, paying for parking, and waiting for God-knows-how-long to be seen.
My clients are no different.
They only come to me when they’ve been in pain for some time.
I mean, who actually WANTS to go on a career change process?
Watching Netflix, meeting friends for a beer, or going on a hike, all sound like way better ways to spend your time, right?
I get it.
But, pain is a great catalyst for transformation.
This is why, on the consult call, I ask questions to understand my client’s pain level.
I ask about different areas of their career and life: the people, the work itself, compensation & benefits, growth opportunities, work-life balance, relationships & community, joy, and impact.
I get clear on the problem and pain level. I let you know your problem, if I can help you, and how I can help you.
My most successful clients understand their pain and where it comes from, and now you can too.
On today’s episode, I share a tool/exercise that I use with my clients to help them get clear on their pain level.
If you want to get clear on your pain & if it warrants a whole career change, this is the episode for you.
HERE is the link to the Career Audit tool. 

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70. Do You Know Why You’re Unhappy With Your Career?

When clients come to me, they’re ready to figure out their next career move. They want to start firing out job applications ASAP. But many times, I’ll tell them to hold their horses. We first need to understand WHY they want to make a big career move in the first place.

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