Info chats can intimidate even the most lively extroverts, and that’s totally normal. On this episode, I share how to tackle the small talk and bring the energy for your info chat!

When you release your expectations for how this conversation “should” go, the info chat becomes more natural.


Today’s the LAST episode from the “everything you need to know about info chats” series.
Seriously, I have put EVERYTHING that I know into these episodes 64-66 and you’ll want to come back to these whenever you get someone to agree to meet with you.
Last week, I talked about why you should NOT “wing” the call and do the right amount of research prior to the call so that you don’t sound like an idiot.
Today, I talk about the actual call itself – how to structure it, what to say (and not say), and how to wrap up the conversation WITHOUT EXPECTATION.
For the love of espresso martinis, do not end the call asking them for another favor.
I know that a lot of people teach that you should use the last few minutes to ask them to submit a referral for you, on your behalf. But I don’t teach that.
I teach that you use the call to be curious, present, and listen actively. Build upon what they’re saying (don’t just move onto the next question). Treat this person like an old friend, and assume they want to help you.
Coming to these calls without any hidden agenda or expectations will help you show up more naturally. It won’t make you seem so self-serving. You want to exhibit an attitude of gratitude, and that ain’t gonna come through if you’re piling on the asks.
On this episode, I teach you:
  • The 3 E’s required for a successful informational chat (Enthusiasm, Engaged, Efficient)
  • How I tackle small talk as someone who doesn’t follow sports and hates talking about superficial things
  • How to structure your 30 minute call (specific questions that I ask and DON’T ask)
  • How to wrap up the conversation the RIGHT way!
So, if you want to become a pro at running info chats?
This is the podcast for you.

Listen To The Full Episode:

66. Small Talk & Etiquette Basics for Info Chats

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