Someone agreed to talk to you for an informational chat? Congrats! Now, let’s make sure that you don’t sound clueless on the call and walk away with a new advocate.

Don’t even think about winging your info chat! Here’s why….

So, I think we’ve all been guilty of trying “wing” calls with new people, i.e., not preparing for them whatsoever.
It seems like a good idea at the time.
“I mean, I already know how to introduce myself. I’ll just ask them a bunch of questions. That’s really the point of this right?”
When you “wing” an informational chat, it’s obvious to the person on the other line.
When you “wing” a call, and take it from a noisy location or while driving your car (facepalm), the person may answer your questions, but they’re annoyed that you weren’t even able to find a quiet space.
BTW – I actually did this once in my early 20’s (take a call from a noisy environment), and the person on the other phone actually hung up on me and didn’t get back to me. Ouch.
When you “wing” this call, you come across as distracted, unfocused, and a bit careless.
Remember: this person offered to spend 30 minutes of their FREE time to HELP YOU and meet with YOU.
They don’t get ANYTHING from this conversation.
And they’re not exactly catching up with a close friend, either.
Most of the time, you’re talking to someone whom you’ve never met, or haven’t talked to in a long time.
In your attempt to be “casual” and skip the preparation work, you actually risk losing this person’s respect altogether.
Instead of gaining an advocate, they walk away from the conversation thinking, “Seriously? They couldn’t even look up what our company does? What a waste.”
Don’t do that…..
The least you can do is prepare for this conversation, and give them a positive experience that they will remember. Only then will they feel compelled to HELP YOU beyond this conversation.
On this episode, I teach you:
  • Why “winging” the call is a very risky move
  • How to conduct research on your “Booster” and their current company so you don’t sound clueless
  • How to introduce yourself and frame the purpose of the call to maximize your time
Next week, I’ll cover how to actually run the actual informational chat with confidence and ease.
So, if you want to understand how to prepare for info chats so that you make an AMAZING impression and increase the odds of building an advocate for you?
This is the podcast for you.

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65. How To Prepare For A Successful Info Chat In 30 Minutes Or Less

So, someone agreed to talk to you for 30 minutes for an informational chat. Congrats!!  Now it’s time to prepare for this call so that you can a) build an authentic relationship with this person, and b) inspire them to become an advocate for YOU.

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