If I had to give you just ONE tool that I view as a “magic bullet” for the job search process, it would be the informational chat. On this episode, I break down WHY.

What do you think I would do if I were laid off from my job today?


For one, I would NOT start applying to jobs online.
Instead, I would hit up my existing network and start sending out personalized requests for informational chats.
Because it is statistically MORE likely for someone to get their next (best) job offer through an informational chat versus an online application.
I view conducting info chats as a NON-NEGOTIABLE job search activity, especially if you enroll in my 1:1 career coaching program.
I recommend that my clients conduct outreach to 5 people on a weekly basis, assuming that only 1 out of those 5 people will respond and schedule an informational chat with them.
And that’s OK.
Because over time, that 1 person becomes 5 people, and 5 people become 10 people.
Before you know it, you’re being invited to access those people’s immediate networks. They are referring you to jobs (which is the equivalent of cutting the long line at the club).
BIN-GO! That’s what we want.
On this episode, I teach you:
  • The different reasons WHY you should do an informational chat
  • The type of people you should (and should NOT) target for your info chats
  • How to think about low response rates from info chat requests
  • How to set up your info chat when someone says YES!
So, if you want to understand the WHY behind informational chats and why I won’t shut up about them?
This is the podcast for you.

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64. Why You Can’t Skip Informational Chats During Your Job Search

Are you frustrated with your job search process? Have you been applying to countless jobs online, with little results? I would like to introduce you to your job search BFF: the informational chat. It is statistically MORE likely that you will get your next (best) job offer through an informational chat versus an online application.

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