So, you went through ALL that trouble to finally land that new exciting job. You probably want to avoid going on ANOTHER job hunt anytime soon. So, how do you start your new job on the right foot?

With a new job, “hitting the ground running” isn’t always the best first move. 

With the average job search taking around 6 months and sometimes up to 1 year, chances are you’re not going to be keen on starting a new job search anytime soon.
And while there is no such thing as a “perfect job”, there are definitely things that are within your control that you can do to create a better onboarding and work experience for yourself.
The first 90 days on the job are usually seen as an evaluative time period on the job, as you and your new manager or team will be getting to know each other and deciding whether you each made the right choice.
That might seem a little scary, but don’t let it get to you. The company that hired you wants you to succeed. It is extremely costly for them to have to go through another job search process, and so you should always go into a new job assuming best intentions.
I always recommend that my clients take some time to reflect upon how they want to show up differently in this new job, and make sure they’re not bringing any baggage from their previous role.
What kind of employee do you want to be? What kind of boundaries do you want to set? How will your work environment be different and how will you shape it?
To get you started, tune into today’s episode. On today’s episode, Al Dea (Founder of Betterwork Labs), shares a few best practices for new employees who are starting a brand new job.
We discuss the following:
  • Why “hitting the ground running” isn’t always the best idea when starting a new job
  • Why being in listening mode can help you build trust with your new colleagues
  • Why you should identify the “weak ties” that will still impact your day to day work
  • How to have a powerful 1:1 conversation with your new manager so that you can avoid working style issues down the road

Listen To The Full Episode:

63. How To Get Ready For Your New Job, with Al Dea

So, you went through all that trouble to get your new offer and your first day on the job is coming up.

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