Does the thought of networking make you want to barf? Do you want to pivot into tech and get a pay increase? Has it been a long time since you’ve interviewed for jobs? Check out Caroline’s story.

Caroline was ready to pivot into tech but didn’t know how to get started.


In January 2022, Caroline came to me with a desire to move into tech, get paid more money, and find a role that was better suited to her strengths and interests.
She signed up for my 6 month career coaching program, and we went on a journey to a) figure out her next career move and b) make it happen.
Together we did the following:
  • We got clear on what she was looking for her in her next career move (her top 3 career non-negotiables, one-year vision, values, and so much more)
  • We re-branded her professional experiences into a shiny resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, and LinkedIn profile
  • We explored a variety of different companies and roles through informational chats, intentional networking, and LinkedIn
  • We did many mock interviews to make sure Caroline was READY for when the right opportunity came along.
I might have crafted the roadmap for Caroline, but Caroline DID THE WORK. She overcame her disdain for networking, finding a way to make it FUN for her in NYC and going to in-person events. She created a job search process that worked for HER life and centered her well-being. And, she held belief for herself that, no matter how long this process took, it would be worth it in the end.
Fast forward to August 2022: Caroline accepts an offer from a leading tech company with a 30% increase in pay. Not only that, but she successfully negotiated and broke into her desired new industry.
On this episode, Caroline discusses the ups and downs of a career change journey, how she managed the redirections and long waits, and how she made the job search process manageable for her. You can make this happen, too!

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62. Client Win: Caroline’s Career Change Journey

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