On Episode 50, find out what to do when you get less than stellar feedback on your performance review!

50. How a Growth Mindset Helped Me Overcome Critical Feedback, with Lola Sholola

Have you ever been victim of the “feedback sandwich” at work? You know, where your manager says one nice thing, one bad thing, and then another nice thing? It’s not exactly the highlight of the work week and it takes practice to get good at hearing and actioning upon critical feedback.  On today’s episode, meet Lola Sholola – Nigerian immigrant, MBA grad, and Senior Manager II of Strategy & Finance at Walmart.

On this special episode, we hear from Lola Sholola, Senior Manager of Strategy & Finance at Walmart Corp, as she reflects on her first job out of college stumbles.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Lola transitioned into life in the U.S. after moving from Nigeria during middle school, and overcame a difficult environment 

  • Why Lola chose to study actuarial science, what that means, and the imposter syndrome she felt in her first corporate job 

  • How Lola overcame an initial “failure” in her first job, and how she bounced back in her next role and opportunity

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