Are you ready to level-up in your career? Are you craving more FREEDOM in your life?

I am a Latina Career Coach, and I help Latinx professionals land new job offers that give them back more time, money, and/or meaning in their lives. 

How do I know if I’m a good fit for this program?


  • You’re not happy with your current job

  • You feel stuck in your career, or wake up every Monday morning with a feeling of dread about work

  • You have a nagging feeling that you’re plateau-ing or falling behind

  • The thought of starting a job application process or interviewing is overwhelming

  • You’ve been applying to jobs online randomly and not getting any results

  • You’ve been getting rejected (or ghosted) from job applications or interviews

  • You don’t know how to tell your “story” in a way that is compelling and concise

  • You don’t know how to optimize your LinkedIn or resume

  • You want to make more money, have more time freedom, or make your career fit into your life

  • You don’t want to have to get a graduate degree to make your career move


Before: I was working in the same industry (CPG sales) for 11 years starting out of college. I had been considering making a career transition to tech for a few years but didn’t know where to begin. I experienced burnout in late 2021 that led me to quit my job without my next company/role lined up. I hired Priscilla because she approached the job hunt from a holistic view and let me know know we would be working on goal and value setting prior to applying for roles which felt very intentional.

Working with Priscilla: As a result of working with Priscilla, I gained confidence in every aspect of the job search. I didn’t know how to market my skillset for the tech industry prior to working with Priscilla and by the end I was in a great flow when telling my story to potential employers or new network contacts. I gained the know-how on how to start the job search process from scratch. I especially liked learning about the value of my network and the importance of maintaining connection with colleagues and friends over the years. Do not hesitate to start working with Priscilla! She provided guidance and support at every step in the journey and helped me believe in my skillset and experience. Not only did she coach me through resume editing, LinkedIn presence, applications, and interviews, but the pre-application coaching she provided was the most valuable to me. I was looking to change careers but had to work on getting clear on my goals and the “why” behind my decision. Once I did the exploration work with Priscilla, the whole process was more more streamlined. I was equipped with the knowledge of the companies I wanted to target, the job descriptions I wanted to apply to, and how to tell my story to potential employers.

After: In the end, my job offer was a result of networking because a friend connected me to her contact at the company. I ended up accepting an offer with a top tech company (DoorDash) that I was targeting with a 30% increase in compensation, plus equity in the company! I negotiated a significant sign-on bonus with Priscilla’s help, I am doing much more strategic work and get to enjoy a 100% remote work lifestyle. I found a job that satisfied what is really important to me in my life right now.


Caroline Anaya

Enterprise Partner Manager, DoorDash

Before: I was at a very stable job doing something that I liked, but did not love. I really liked the people I worked with, but knew the job and company I was at was not long term. I was very unhappy with my pay, which was around 60k, and was not passionate about the work I was doing. I always wanted someone to help me reach my potential as a desirable candidate. There were tricks and tips I was never aware of and wanted some guidance. Also, I am first generation, so I really didn’t have anyone to ask questions to or talk about my career.
Working with Priscilla: I gained a lot of confidence and know-how. Priscilla really helped me realize that I was a desirable candidate, and how to be able to communicate my skill sets to others. In terms of know-how, she taught me how to go about the job search and application process, which gave me the confidence to push myself when applying to jobs I didn’t know if I was qualified for. I think the most helpful moment was learning how to word certain situations on my resume, and what specific tasks to highlight. Also, the LinkedIn brush up was incredible. I had no idea of all the little things I could change that would give people an idea of who I am and the things I have accomplished. Priscilla is understanding and very personable. I always felt so comfortable being vulnerable with her and that was incredibly helpful throughout this process.
Result: I accepted a job offer that I received within 6 months of working with Priscilla. This offer satisfied my Top 3 Career Non-Negotiables and represented a $30K increase in my base salary. I was also able to move back to Los Angeles to be closer to my family, which was important to me.
Isabel Segreto

Strategic Financial Analyst, FIGS

Before: Prior to working with Priscilla, I worked for an education non-profit that paid only $62K. There were very limited opportunities for growth, and while I was able to do my work remotely for most of the year, I was required to live on a college campus for 8 weeks at a time in order to provide support for a summer program the organization held every year for students. During the pandemic, the program was virtual and I was able to provide that support remotely, but when the organization decided to return to in-person programming earlier this year, I decided it was time to leave the organization. I was unhappy in my role, felt overworked during certain seasons of the year, and was dissatisfied with the salary I was earning and the limited opportunities I had to grow in my career. My priorities were to increase my salary and to find a role that would stretch me intellectually and professionally while still allowing me to be fully present for my three-year-old son and my family.

Working with Priscilla: Priscilla was very supportive in helping me to adopt an abundance mindset and understand that while the process would have its ups and downs, the opportunities were out there and I was more than qualified to get them. She also challenged me to think differently about my strategies for finding a role. While networking is not a practice I particularly enjoy or even used prior to working with Priscilla, she helped me to understand that doing so would help me to land a role faster and more efficiently than trying to apply to roles through a job board without having any conversations with people. While it was difficult for me to do, Priscilla’s constant encouragement, check-ins, and commitment buoyed me throughout the process and kept my optimism and hope afloat on days when I struggled to do so myself. I would not have pushed myself to talk with as many people as I did, and I certainly wouldn’t have explored as many career trajectories. Priscilla utilized a variety of coaching styles, including holistic and transformational. Priscilla helped me to identify my priorities and made sure I was clear on what I was looking for before I started the job search process. She is empathetic, affirming, attentive, and encouraging, and when I worked with her, she did an excellent job helping me to shift my perspective and remember that I have a lot to offer and that there is an abundance of opportunities out there.

Result: I accepted a full-time position with an education nonprofit that is paying me $80K a year – an $18K increase from my previous salary – and that is 100% remote. The organization is also providing me with a $1k home office setup and offering a ton of flexibility in setting up my own working hours so that I can care for my son when I need to. In this role, I’ll be working with a team to develop a career exploration curriculum for districts across the country while also facilitating courses virtually, and I’m excited to be working with some pretty cool people who are doing really creative and innovative work in the education and workforce development space. I absolutely feel more confident in speaking with people to network and have a much better sense of my own boundaries, needs, and goals when it comes to my professional life. There were a couple of times during this process when I said no to an offer because I felt the role and/or salary was not aligned with my expectations, and it was because of Priscilla’s coaching, support and encouragement that I was able to step away from those opportunities knowing that something else better aligned with what I needed for my life would come along. While my new role is still within the education nonprofit space, I know now that should I decide to make a change, I have the necessary skills to do so and also know the areas I would need to develop to make myself a stronger candidate. In essence, I feel more confident in my ability to switch careers and feel like I have a strong sense of the playbook I would need to follow to get there. If you’re thinking about making a change in your career or just need some support figuring out what your next steps might be, I 100% recommend working with Priscilla. She is affirming, supportive and committed to helping her clients and to be super real with y’all, she knows her s***. She listens and responds with empathy, knows how to challenge people to think beyond what they may have previously considered possible, is highly knowledgeable about the career search and interview process, and most importantly, will be with you every step of the way. As a former college counselor, I know how important it is to have someone in your corner supporting you and helping you to realize your dreams and goals, and I can with confidence say that Priscilla was that person for me.
Jessica Macias

Program Manager, Cambiar

Before: I was working in an inside sales role for a major technology company for 6+ years. I joined this company right out of college. Even though I received multiple promotions, I was unfulfilled because the responsibilities and tasks were similar over the years. The job was stable to an extent, but I was no longer learning in my role. From chatting with friends who were ex-colleagues, I knew my compensation was also lacking in comparison to other technology companies. I felt unmotivated, stuck, and mentally drained at this point. I felt I had outgrown the role and began to wonder what my next steps should be.

During one of those days where I felt unfulfilled in my role, I began searching for career advice through podcasts, and fortunately, I found Priscilla. At this point, I was clearly ready for a change but didn’t know where to start. I was an ECM listener for almost a year before I finally scheduled my consultation with Priscilla. My goal was to land a new opportunity where I would be learning and earning more.  Prior to working with Priscilla, I didn’t know how I would differentiate myself from other candidates, so the self-reflection and personal branding exercises were extremely helpful to me. As a first-gen professional myself, Priscilla made me feel seen and understood. I wanted a coach I was comfortable having honest and tough conversations with, who would encourage me to reach my full potential, develop a growth mindset, and keep me accountable throughout the journey.

Working with Priscilla: Having joined my company right out of college, I was originally anxious at the thought of even pursuing an opportunity elsewhere. I felt my experience was limited, having only been at one company for the last six years.Through my work with Priscilla, specifically in identifying my strengths and “greatest hits,” I found a new confidence in my career portfolio. I don’t feel anxious anymore because I can speak about my strengths and accomplishments with ease. I know my skillset and experience is unique and valuable. Priscilla is an amazing coach because she’s honest, personable, and empathetic. She makes it a priority to understand your background, values, and goals. You feel comfortable being honest with her about what you want to gain from your career. With her extensive knowledge on the job search process, she will give you the tools and encouragement to make your best career move.

After: After I identified my strengths, I noticed how they appeared in my daily life, and most importantly, in my current role. I grew confident because I had a deeper understanding of myself and acknowledged that my strengths were unique to my story and brand. This all led to one major “aha” moment, where I realized it was time for me to use my strengths to build something of my own and pursue my own endeavor: I took the ultimate act of courage quitting my job and launching my own business: Cenizo, a coffee trailer business in southeast Austin, TX. I’m incredibly thankful for this process because it helped me gain new confidence in my brand and experience. Priscilla helped me understand the importance of telling my story in a way that highlights my strengths and knowledge. As someone who waited a year to start working with Priscilla, I wish I had contacted Priscilla sooner. Priscilla is knowledgeable, supportive, and above all, genuinely cares about your success and helping you reach your goals. The confidence you will gain in yourself and your personal brand throughout this journey is invaluable.

Nancy A.

Founder, Cenizo

Before: I had spent ~10 years working as both an electrical engineer and global sales leader but felt like I had reached a ceiling in my career. I wanted to move into product management, specifically in tech. I had applied to so many jobs by myself over the years but couldn’t quite make the transition. I felt like I was in an industry that was not innovating anything new and needed more energy infused into my career. After doing some research, I decided that an MBA program could catapult me into a strategic business role within tech, but I was really worried about taking out loans, especially as a first-generation American and child of immigrants. I wanted to position myself for a strong scholarship. I knew that I couldn’t go through this process alone so I hired Priscilla so that she could help me prepare the best possible MBA application and position myself for a strong scholarship offer.

Working with Priscilla: Priscilla was central to my success during the entire MBA application process (which lasted from August 2022 to March 2023). I went through some major personal life challenges that threatened the entire process and I seriously considered quitting on my goal of going to business school. Well, Priscilla wouldn’t have it. She created a strategy and plan that helped me break down the application process into small chunks that I could get around. She taught me how to better communicate my career story and how to sell myself to MBA programs, through my essays, my resume, networking opportunities, and interviews. With her help, I submitted applications to 3 programs on-time. Priscilla also helped me overcome some of my challenges with procrastination and perfectionism. I was also very fearful about taking out too much debt for the MBA program, but Priscilla helped me see how it would be worth it for my career in the long-term.

After: I got a full-ride tuition scholarship at the University of Washington – Foster School of Business for their full-time MBA program, valued at $100K. I got a partial tuition scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business, a total of $40K in tuition funding. I also got a 100% tuition scholarship at the University of Rochester – Simon School of Business. I got into all 3 of the MBA programs that I applied to, and I couldn’t be more excited to start this new journey in my career! Ever since getting into these programs, I have been drowning in joy from the outcome. I couldn’t recommend working with Priscilla any more – she is 100% worth the investment.
Felipe Reyna

Solutions Engineer, HMS Networks

Before: I felt stagnant on a daily basis from the vantage point of a real or perceived glass ceiling, but also feeling like I generally do not belong in corporate America. I was earning $90K to essentially sit around at home all day which is great for work-life balance. There was a profound sense of emptiness.

Working with Priscilla: I wanted to figure out some of the hints, tips, tricks, hacks and best practices relative to pivoting careers and the expectations of employers throughout the hiring process. I was pretty sure that I did not want to remain in corporate America but wanted to keep my options open in case a more socially impactful and tolerable job presented itself. Many of the exercises we did unlocked the value of transferable skills were immensely helpful. Priscilla’s approach was driven by inputs (both behavioral and hard/soft skills) so it felt much more data-driven than that of sentiment. This aligns closely with how I operate so it was a pretty comfortable process in that regard. What was uncomfortable but revealing were the outputs, suggestions and, ultimately, my realizations about what a career pivot entails within the context of remaining in corporate America. Priscilla is extremely patient and well-prepared. There were a litany of resources being leveraged and everything was quite relevant. I enjoyed Priscilla’s focus because it amounted to very little time being wasted.

After: I arrived at the epiphany relative to my ultimate career goal which turned out to be rooted in financial independence and self-employment. It took a few sessions but thereafter, there was complete synergy. I gained more perspective about what employers expect throughout the application process: It is largely a game. They want to see, hear and experience my candidacy through their lens and on their terms. This was a tough pill to swallow having thought there was some wiggle room for individuality throughout that process but it is even more regimented than I originally thought. Priscilla helped me to arrive at that realization, prepare with precision, and maintain tunnel vision.
Stephond G.

Founder, Somer Fest

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you work with clients?

I work with clients for 12 weeks. During the 12 weeks, I help you strengthen your resume / LinkedIn profile, build out your network, select your target companies and roles, conduct informational chats, land interviews, and improve your personal brand communication (ex: behavioral interviews, elevator pitch, etc.). Most of my clients land their first interviews during our 12-weeks together. 

What is included in your program?
  • 12 Weekly Coaching Calls (50 minutes each)
  • Resume Review / Feedback 
  • LinkedIn Profile Review/Feedback
  • Unlimited Email/WhatsApp Access to Priscilla during business hours
  • Video Tutorials on critical topics (Ex: Resume, Behavioral Interviews, Informational Interviews, Salary Negotiation)
What's the investment?

Set up a complimentary consult call with me to learn more. 

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