On Episode 58, learn about the Career Triad: Function, Industry and Geography, and how it impacts your job search!

58. How The Career Triad Impacts Your Job Search Effort & Timeline

When you start to do more targeted career exploration, it’s time to introduce the CAREER TRIAD: Industry, Function & Geography.  The Career Triad is an invaluable tool that will help you get clear on the type of industry, function & geography that is important to you in your next career move.

On this solo episode, Priscilla explains how the Career Triad can help you do targeted research & career exploration while also helping you make a decision on the type of career transition you’re going to make!

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to research and decide on the kind of industry that you want to work in – it’s a BIG decision that sets the whole vibe for your day to day job

  • The difference between a Functional Department (Ex: Marketing) versus Functional Roles

  • The role that geography plays in your job search opportunities and networking

  • How to factor in your timeline and level of effort that you want to apply into your job search – what it means for the type of career change you want to make!