On Episode 53, find out how your mindset is the key to unlocking salary negotiation success

53. How Therapy Helped Me Become a Stronger Salary Negotiator, with Evie Prete

Believe it or not, unraveling your belief system about money is the key to becoming a strong salary negotiator – not necessarily a “script” or tactic. On this episode, we dive into why getting your mindset right is critical to getting what you deserve in terms of salary.

On this solo episode, learn from salary negotiation expert, Evie Prete from La Mala Mujer Blog.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What Evie did when she realized she was under-earning and what she learned from not negotiating a job offer

  • How Evie had to unwind limiting beliefs around money before learning how to negotiate like a boss

  • The relationship between processing your emotions and releasing limiting beliefs

    Check out La Mala Mujer Blog at her Instagram Р@lamalamujerblog 

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Full Episode Transcript:



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